Rewriting record books and leading the way

Driven by a desire to be the best, Dayson Torgerson has taken high school sports by storm.

As a senior at Richfield High School, Torgerson has earned various awards and accomplishments in his sports of football and wrestling: defensive football player of the year 2021 and 2022, academic football all-state, three-time wrestling state champion, three-time divisional champ, two-time winner of the Tournament of Champions, Warrior Classic Champion, and more.

Torgerson has wrestled his whole life and started playing football once he went into high school.

“I grew up with three brothers and we have always loved to compete which got me into sports,” Torgerson said.

Although wrestling sticks out to him more, Torgerson is passionate about everything in which he is involved.

“I’m so passionate about sports because of the teamwork it takes and how you are able to get that family bond with your teammates,” Torgerson said.

Torgerson has always had a deep sense of motivation and a desire to be the best. These aspirations have allowed him to excel in his sports.

“[Dayson’s] hard work is not just physical, he spends time learning the mental needs of his game as well,” said Justin Moon, one of his coaches.

Torgerson has committed countless hours to watching film with his dad and brothers; becoming as prepared as possible before each match.

“My motivation is that I really hate losing, and I love to compete,” he said.

Torgerson is a natural-born leader. “Dayson is an example of what all kids should be like to coach, not because he wins a lot, but because he does everything right,” said Richfield wrestling coach Dustin Nielsen. ”He is always [to] practice on time, he is a leader on the team, works as hard as he can, and does whatever is asked of him. Because of his attitude and outlook on life, [Dayson] would be a team captain and leader for this team if he had never won a match.”

Torgerson is a great example to his teammates of the effort that is required to succeed. He teaches that the small things make a difference, and he pushes everyone on the team to be better than they were yesterday.

Over the course of his athletic journey, Torgerson has had the opportunity to work with, and learn from, many coaches. One such coach was Eric Thorson, football coach at RHS.

“Dayson is a remarkable student, athlete, and person,” Thorson said. “On top of being an exceptional athlete, Dayson’s personality helps others around him to be better. He is respectful, ambitious to learn, and an all-around great teammate who can balance being a good friend while holding expectations for others around him.”

The 2023 wrestling season marks the end of Torgerson’s high school wrestling era but brings the hope of Richfield’s first ever four-time state champion.

Torgerson is looking forward to graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA and going on to wrestle in college while pursuing an engineering degree. With the support of friends, coaches, and family, Torgerson’s future is bright.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to watch him along with the rest of the team succeed and accomplish their goals,” Nielsen said. “I am looking forward to seeing where he chooses to continue his career. I’m excited to continue to cheer him on, [but] I am not excited to lose him from our program after this season.”

Through commitment, dedication, motivation, and support, Dayson Torgerson is breaking records and rewriting the history of Richfield High School wrestling. No one can sum up his character or effort better than his mom, Trina.

“[Dayson] is strict, focused, and relentless on the football field or mat, but has the biggest softest heart at home,” she said. “Dayson is the person in our family that pushes us all to be better, and to look for the positive in every situation. Having Dayson as a son has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives!”