SIGURD – Eric Leroy Egan, aka “Ricky,” 58, Sigurd, passed away April 29, 2023, at Utah Valley Hospital in Provo. Ricky was born April 2, 1965, in Los Angeles, California, to Homer William and Loretta Marie Egan. 

Ricky spent his first seven years growing up in Los Angeles along with his older brother Robert (Bobby) Egan until his family moved to Sigurd in 1972, where his father began working for Ricky’s grandfather, Homer Egan Senior, in his roofing business. 

Ricky attended his school years in Richfield and graduated high school in 1983. His favorite subject was music. He loved playing the piano and would often play Barry Manilow songs for his parents. His passion was to play renditions of Beethoven Symphony No. 9 and Fur Elise, along with modern rock. 

After High school Ricky worked for some local farmers driving tractor and running irrigation systems. Later he started work for his father at Nay’s Farm Equipment Dealership in Richfield, then went on to join the Navy where he was later honorably discharged for medical reasons. After working a couple part time jobs back in the Richfield area, he moved to Salt Lake City for a short time, then moved on to Montana for a local mining company. After a few years in Montana, and the bitter cold winters, Ricky moved to Saint Louis, Missouri, where he went to work for Bausch Lomb Company doing assembly work on sophisticated eye surgery equipment to be shipped around the world. He was excellent at this process and out preformed most coworkers. Ricky also worked for another assembly company building large air/gas compressors for factories and gas fields. During this time, he was injured during an accident from a coworker operating a forklift. He left his job there soon after to work for a private railroad company on a large rail grinding train system. He got to travel the country doing this work and had many stories to tell about his experiences. 

Ricky enjoyed being with his friends, cooking and entertaining with stories and music. He was so good with remembering songs and artists he could tell you the name of the band and the song just listening to with just a couple notes or the singer song writer’s name. He also had a sincere passion for riding motorcycles. He loved his Harley and would jump on and just take off, didn’t matter where. He loved riding dirt bikes with his friends and had many stories to tell. He passed away doing what he loved, riding! Now he’s enjoying without pain riding around the stars in the universe. 

He is preceded in death by his brother, Robert (Bobby) Egan; father, Homer William (Bill) Egan; mother, Loretta Marie Messner Egan; and his life partner, Russell Turner. 

In remembrance of this special man, there will be a small “Celebration of Life” service for Ricky at the Sigurd Town Park pavilion Saturday, May 20, at 1 pm.