Art highlights Utah

A plein air artist is an artist who leaves behind the four walls of their studio and uses their outdoor adventures to create beautiful pieces of art. This style of art is a large contrast to regular studio painting.

Utah’s beauty has always captured the attention of plein air artists from all over the world. Utah landscape art can be found throughout the world, including the local community.

Richfield’s Snow College campus welcomed the Utah Plein Air Artists: Expanding Horizons art exhibit on Feb. 24. The exhibit will be on display for the public to see for five weeks, meaning the display will be taken down March 27.

Leslee Hurd, the librarian at Snow College, continued the tradition set before her when she brought in the plein air artist exhibit. Because of the bareness of the library walls, an art exhibit is often brought in to liven up the environment. Each spring and fall, the library welcomes a new art display from the Utah Division of Arts and Museums as part of its Traveling Exhibit Program.

“Because our walls are pretty bare, I just thought it was really nice to keep bringing something in,” said Hurd. “I think it is nice to have some art in here.”

The art exhibit comprises many pieces featuring the beauty of Utah landscapes. The display’s introduction reads, “This [exhibit] will highlight some of the best in Utah plein air artists, and explore what it looks like to get out of their famous surroundings and experience the world through the eyes of an artist.”

The Utah Plein Air Artist exhibit is available for anyone interested in viewing the unique artwork of the beautiful state.

“I’m just trying to let people know this is available for the community,” Hurd said.