Building local teens through 4-H

The 4-H program offers opportunities for youth in Sevier County to build leadership and responsibility skills through their participation. There are many opportunities available within the program for members like Dylan Barclay to take an active role.

Barclay’s 4-H participation began by attending small activities and later running for what is called the TRY team, which stands for Teens Reaching Youth. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Barclay continued to meet with the local 4-H through Zoom and various outdoor activities.

With a desire to expand his skills and leadership responsibilities, Barclay became part of the Teen Leadership program. As a member, Barclay helped to plan meetings for the rest of the Teen Council. Now Barclay is serving as the Sevier County Teen Leadership president.

“I worked hard and had so many fun experiences and great opportunities to meet people from other counties,” Barclay said. “We’ve had some struggles along the way, but we’re doing our best.”

Currently, Barclay is working to become a member of the state ambassador team, on which he will have the responsibility to plan and carry out all the teen activities during the upcoming year. Along with 4-H duties, ambassadors are given a scholarship to Utah State University.

The process of becoming a 4-H State Ambassador is a rigorous and competitive one. It started by joining a Zoom call to learn all the requirements. Competitors must complete a three-month long project, along with a resume contest and speeches, including a planned, impromptu, and elevator speech.

During March, participants will travel to compete in each of the events. The top eight teens from the competitions will serve as the state ambassadors for a 12-month period.

“I’m a strong believer in finishing strong,” Barclay said. “[This has] always been a big goal of mine since I went to my first state 4-H camp. I am so happy to have the chance to achieve it.”

Barclay’s three-month project presented itself in the form of a Sleep in Heavenly Peace event. Since October of last year, Barclay has been planning a way to bring beds to children in need in the community.

At the beginning of February, his efforts came together. Working with other youth in the community, Barclay was able to construct the headboards, footboards, and rails for more than 20 beds. He had the chance on Feb. 21 to enter a home and put the beds together for two kids in need.

Barclay’s hard work didn’t just serve to better Sevier County, but it furthered his progression towards becoming a state 4-H ambassador. His dad, Ryan Barclay, has a front-row seat to see the development of this dedicated, hardworking, and service-oriented young man.

“I have really been super impressed with the leadership Dylan has learned,” Ryan said. “Coming from a former scoutmaster, 4-H has truly transformed him into a leader, more so than scouting ever did. He is not afraid to just get out there and do it. I have loved watching him take on projects and service opportunities and lead a group of his peers.”