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General Contact Info

Mailing Address
65 West Center
PO Box 730
(435)896-5476 (phone)
(435)896-8123 (fax)

Business Office
Chuck Hawley, Publisher
(435)896-5476 ext. 15 •

Chuck Hawley has been with The Richfield Reaper since 1979. He started with the company as an account representative, followed by ad manager, then general manager in 1998. He was given the responsibilities of publisher in July 2009, meaning that he is in charge of the overall operation of the paper. He is also responsible for supervising both the editorial and the advertising content of the publication, as well as marketing and financial health of the newspaper.
Cherry Niemeyer, Office Manager
(435)896-5476 ext. 11 •

Cherry Niemeyer has been with The Richfield Reaper since 1977.
She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's business and personnel functions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, human resources and public relations, as well as serving as the firm's profit sharing representative.
Shalon Petersen, Receptionist - Legal Notices/Classified Advertising
(435)896-5476 ext. 12 •

Shalon Petersen joined The Richfield Reaper's team in 2006.
She is responsible for customer service, classified, statewide, and legal advertising, billing, and accounts receivable.
News & Editorial

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Sandy Phillips, Editor
(435)896-5476 ext. 21 •

Sandy Phillips has been employed with The Richfield Reaper since 1997.
She started with the company as a sales representative and advertising consultant, and was named to the editorial position in April 2001. She is responsible for the news and editorial content of the publication.
David Anderson, Associate Editor
(435)896-5476 ext. 20 •

David Anderson has been with The Richfield Reaper full time since 1998.
He began his career with The Reaper in 1996, serving as an intern, returning in 1998 as sports editor, and was named associate editor in April 2001.
He is responsible for gathering and writing news for the editorial content of the publication, and his duties include everything from editorial layout and photography to covering government meetings and community functions.

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Roxanne Waybrant, Advertising Representative
(435)896-5476 ext. 18 •

Roxanne Waybrant has been with The Richfield Reaper in different positions since 2005. As an advertising representative, she is responsible for helping companies solve marketing problems, promote their products and services, and ad layout.
Gil Smith, Advertising Representative
(435)896-5476 ext. 27•

Gil Smith joined The Richfield Reaper in 2010 after retiring from the United States Postal Service. He specializes in serving advertising customers for special publications and promotions. He is also a member of the Sevier County Search and Rescue organization.
Rob Mench, Head Pressman
(435)896-5476 ext. 30 •

Rob Mench is a master pressman with years of knowledge and experience. He has worked at The Richfield Reaper for more than a decade, and uses his skills to provide the highest quality printing available.

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