NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Utah Code § 17C-1-806, the Sevier County Reinvestment Agency will hold a public hearing on the draft project area plan and budget for the proposed Sigurd Solar Community Reinvestment Project Area to be held June 17, 2019, at 10:30 a.m. in the Sevier County Commission Chambers (Room 130), 250 North Main, Richfield, 84701. The purposes of the public hearing, as required by Utah Code Ann. §§ 17C-5-104(3)(e) and 17C-5-302(2)(e), as amended, will be to: (1) allow public comment on the draft Plan and Budget for the Project Area; (2) allow public comment on the Plan and the Budget and whether each should be revised, approved or rejected; and (3) receive all written objections and hear all oral objections to the Plan and Budget. A map and legal description of the Project Area are available at Property tax revenue resulting from an increase in valuation of property within the Project Area will be paid to the Agency for project area development rather than to the taxing entities to which the tax revenue would otherwise have been paid if one or more taxing entities agree to share property tax revenue under an interlocal agreement and the project area plan provides for the Agency to receive tax increment. The Agency has requested an estimated $6.23 million in property tax revenues that will be generated by development within the Project Area to fund a portion of project costs within the Project Area. These property tax revenues will be used for the following: mandatory housing allocation, payment and reimbursement of infrastructure costs, incentives to developers, Agency expenses, taxing entity mitigation payments, and other expenditures as authorized by law. These property taxes will be taxes levied by the following governmental entities, and, assuming current tax rates, the taxes paid to the agency for this project area from each taxing entity will be as follows: Sevier County - $2.32 million, Sevier School District - $3.91 million. All of the property taxes to be paid to the Agency for the development in the Project Area are taxes that will be generated only if the Project Area is developed. Any person objecting to the proposed Project Area Plan or Project Area Budget or contesting the regularity of any of the proceedings to adopt the Project Area Plan or Project Area Budget may appear before the board at the hearing to show cause why the Project Area Plan or Project Area Budget should not be adopted. The Project Area Plan and Project Area Budget are available for inspection at the Agency offices located at 250 North Main, Richfield, Utah during regular business hours. All taxing entities are invited to consult with the Agency regarding the Project Area Plan and Project Area Budget prior to the hearing. If any interested person desires to meet or has questions, please contact Malcolm Nash at (435) 893-0454. Interested parties are invited to attend and may submit to the Agency at or before the hearing.

Published in The Richfield Reaper May 30, 2019. UPAXLP

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