Eight young ladies seek Jr. Miss title

Eight young ladies seek Jr. Miss title

SALINA – Eight young ladies will vie for the Junior Miss North Sevier title Friday, June 26. The pageant will be held in the auditorium at North Sevier High School and is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. 

The reigning Junior Miss North Sevier, Brooklyn Butler, will relinquish her crown to a new Junior Miss North Sevier Friday evening.

This year’s contestants consist of Macie Bosshardt, daughter of Kurt and Sue Ann Bosshardt, Redmond; Chloe Malmgren, daughter of Wes and Brenda Malmgren, Aurora; Cadance Church, daughter of Nathon and Cassidy Church, Salina; Gracey Lambertsen, daughter of Stetson and Hope Lambertsen, Salina; Brooklynn Hyde, daughter of Sam and Emily Hyde, Richfield and Valerie and Steve Cazier, Salina; Reagan Hone, daughter of Trent and Alicia Hone, Aurora; Alyssa Rosquist, daughter of Kyle and Amy Rosquist, Salina; and Ivy Nielsen, daughter of Jesse and Jaymie Nielsen, Redmond. 

“I have had a blast serving as Junior Miss North Sevier,” Butler said. “I was excited to and participated in various local events, such as the Eyes to the Sky Balloon Festival, the Sevier County Fair, various parades, the Miss North Sevier Princess Tea Party and multiple service projects, which included sewing and donating masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Butler just completed her freshman year at North Sevier High School where she is a member of the HOPE Squad and the Kindness Club. She also played volleyball, basketball and softball, while maintaining a 4.0 grade point average. 

Butler said she loved serving with her attendants Addy Hallows, first attendant; Cadance Church, second attendant; and Adrianna Dearden, third attendant. 

“This year was so much fun and I am extremely grateful for the memories I made,” Butler said. “I am sad it’s over, but so excited for the next Jr. Miss North Sevier.”

Butler is the daughter of Blake and Tara Butler, Aurora.

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