Sara, Reaper, Aug. 22, p. 2A, you are exactly correct. All of the political problems are our children’s problems because we refuse to deal with them. $22 trillion debt? Sanctuary cities with filth, disease and irresponsible elected representatives? Illegal aliens overrunning our borders? School alien burdens we cannot afford? Etc? The Constitution, surprisingly, provides simple answers to the impossible problems we have today.

Stan, Reaper, Aug. 22, p. 3A, “Well, what do you think?” I think your letter is a bunch of nonsense. The border fence is very effective even though only a portion is finished with NO help from entrenched opposition. 

We do need to further develop citizenship checks, drone and police patrol systems, prosecute crime, penalize sanctuary cities and obtain cooperation from Democrats. 

The illegal alien problem is not solved but looks much better than it has for decades.

I think you are talking about the previous president when you mention the “White House.” Pres. Obama’s birth certificate states he was born in Kenya hospital that did not exist at the time. He applied to college as an alien from Indonesia. 

He claimed a Social Security number from a state where he had never lived.

Pres. Trump seems to be one of the winners as you state but so are most Americans. 

The economy is good. 

People are working. There are attempts for law and order. 

America has taken a slow long slide to socialism since, at least, 1913. We have a long way to go, but the major problems have rather simple constitutional solutions. We need only wait until the people demand restoration of our Liberty.

L.S. Brown


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Mr, brown is 100% right. -as usual.

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