I have heard it said by some in the valley that we need new businesses before we add new amenities like the proposed Community Development Center. 

However, it is my experience as an economic development professional that when a business is choosing a location, their prime deciding factor is the amenities provided by that community.

These include workforce availability and education, housing options, school performance, recreational opportunities, youth programs, entertainment and shopping.

Having Snow College as a partner in our community is a great benefit. President Bradley Cook has stated that Snow College’s intent is to work with the business community to provide training that supports needed business skills. Additionally, student housing options are progressing.

Recreational opportunities surround our valley but are constrained by distance and are seasonal.

The proposed Community Development Center adds much needed year-round recreational options and will be housed in our backyard; a true gathering place for the community.

Aerobics, yoga, school swim teams, dance classes, full gym, lap swimming, youth water safety classes, meeting space, swim instruction and the ability to host business to business corporate challenge or community events, the list seems endless.

To the businesses looking to locate in our community this center checks the box in many categories – a year-round activity center with something for everyone. This greatly increases the attractiveness of our community and shows a strong commitment to our quality of life.

C.L. Walker


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Lower taxes will bring in more business than a pool will.

TC Chris

All of which already exists! No extra charge!

Snow college desires to spend 25 million on something, then they should

Last I heard they served 400 students and half are hs kids working on trades!

25 million for a swimming pool and exercise facility that you will be charged to just build but use in the future. And that is how we grow government!

You have extra money, send it in,it will get spent on something, needed or not.

I made a post in a place that was not a correct Avenue knowing it might cause it to be deleted, it was, but the responses,13 of them were surprising, seems think the face of the college is important,it is. But strapping 20k citizens with the forever costa,and in particular richfield residents.

I really don't like when government commits to spend,but close to that debts removal from the commitment, they come back with another 20 year e extension for a different project because one is getting paid off?

What are you ever going to do with the windfall of money when you pay off your mortgage!?

Time to tell our three commissioners, we need a tax reduction, we kept our promise to you, time for you to keep your promise to us

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