I don’t get it. Sara Straw, Reaper Oct. 31, p.2A, complains volumes but offers no solutions. She comments on an unbalanced budget but wants total government health insurance and a larger Department of Education. Neither is constitutionally authorized. However, if she wants less government and a balanced budget, decreased spending is required.

Imposing Obama Care on all of the people was not totally repealed but the mandate which compelled all of America into a government run play or pay a fine was rejected much to the relief of millions.

Shall we consider action which would calm fiscal problems and set a course toward constitutional government?

The problem. The $22 trillion federal debt is largely Federal Reserve caused. Think about it. If the interest rate is 1 percent on the debt it looks like more than all of the revenue taken in by the government. Automatically, that increases the national debt, inflation and compounds the problem for our children.

The solution. That should be enough to write/contact your congressman to sponsor and support HR24, Federal Reserve Transparency Act. (The bill now has 96 sponsors but none from Utah.) The people really should know what is going on. Ron Paul reports that the “Fed” is involved in quantitative easing to the tune of $75 billion per day. Your may have heard my gasp when I read about that problem.

L.S. Brown


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