In 2001 there was much debate and discussion regarding the Sevier Valley Center located on the Richfield Snow College campus. We doubted that the 20 million dollar facility would ever be able to justify the huge expense. Those “gamblers” who were in favor of the SVC won and the facility was built.

Fast forward to 2014. My wife and I were sitting in the SVC along with 1,700 other people enjoying a STYX concert. It was incredible. Afterwards, while walking back to our car, it hit me. Wow. I had been so wrong.

The Sevier Valley Center will be paid off in 2021 and it has been a boon to our community. My family has enjoyed many of the events held there. Since its completion, the different tournaments, conferences, concerts and events held at the SVC have filled thousands of motel rooms, filled the local restaurants, and stores bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the businesses in our communities. When our local economy is good, it benefits us all. Our businesses are in Elsinore and Salina. We, too, have experienced an increase from these events. We find the high school tournaments especially enjoyable.

We are now faced with another project – the Community Development Center. This will include a swimming pool. We will not be found among the doubters this time. Our customers frequently ask the question “What is there to do here in the area?” We have no doubt that the new Community Development Center will help answer that question. It will be another great asset to our county and the surrounding communities.

Please join us in voting YES for our future development and economic vitality. 

Kinley Peterson


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