Perhaps it would be well if Stan Ivie checked his facts before calling Trump the dumbest president. (Reaper, March 5, p. 3A.) The Internet states that Pres. Trump’s IQ is 156 among the top 99.99 percent in the nation and the smartest of our presidents.

Is the wall a failure? Some illegals may fly first to Canada. Most of them are walkers from Mexico or swimmers from Cuba. The criminal element must use the southern border for drugs, bombs, guns, human tracking and gangs. All of these elements are better controlled with a good solid fence.

Trump dealing with North Korea is better than anyone before him. Kim has reduced firing missiles. Sanctions have held Kim and his economy back and war is now not inevitable. I see no Ivie plan on the table, which would work better.

Removing the United States from the Iran sell-out saved tons of money. No longer is Iran guaranteed a nuke and sanctions have put Iran’s bomb on hold. More nations should join the U.S. Can you envision Iran with its present leadership and the BOMB?

Pres. Trump was impeached for doing his duty relative to foreign affairs. It was Biden who was playing “fast and loose” with our tax dollars used to bribe a foreign power to keep his son on a foreign payroll to the tune of millions of dollars. I have never seen abuse of power like the House Democrats used against Pres. Trump. There is not enough room in this letter to specify their outrageous conduct.

The Trump program to control Coronavirus is as good as can be expected. I did not see even one suggestion from Mr. Ivie to improve the situation. I hope the overall federal budget can be reduced because increasing the spending by $100 trillion, as desired by the Democrats, would certainly destroy the Nation.

L.S. Brown


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Barbara Parry

You stated that Trump's IQ was 156 but you are wrong. His IQ is so high that it can't be measured by human standards. He is the most stable genius ever to be born. He is the most handsome and powerful man of all time and he glows in the dark like a beacon of hope. Woman swoon as his approach. He is a great orator. Just read his tweets if you don't believe me. He is sent from above to fix our foundering country and is endowed with magical and mystical powers yet to be revealed. Just look at the wonders he has performed for the betterment of mankind and also womenkind. [wink]

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