Suppose you had a pretty daughter, Liz. She tells you she has recently met a young man, DJ, who she is quite smitten with. 

She has invited DJ home for dinner this coming Friday evening.

Friday evening rolls around and DJ is standing at the front door. He is a tall, good looking young man who greets you with an overly firm handshake. After an exchange of pleasantries in the family room, everyone is seated around the dining room table. DJ is told that Liz’s family enjoys having a free-flowing discussion of world affairs while they are eating, and he is invited to join in. DJ eagerly jumps into the conversations, though he always seems to bring the topics back to himself.

DJ tells Liz’s family that he detests the person seated in the White House—that he is illegitimate because he was born in one of those Sxxx Hxxx African countries. DJ goes on to say that one of his goals is to expose this fraud to the world. DJ asserts that there is a crisis on the southern border of the United States. We are being invaded by swarms of undesirable people from Latin America who are bringing with them disease, crime, and low IQs. He further contends that what we need to do is build a Great Wall of China all the way from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. When DJ is reminded that the Great Wall of China did not keep out the Mongols, he quickly changes the topic to how he used to be a star baseball player. 

Indeed, he had been scouted by all of the big league teams. He would be a top player today if he had not developed bone spurs in his feet. 

Since he could no longer play baseball, he had gone into real estate. He was currently one of the biggest producers in New York City, skilled in the art of the deal. By the time he was forty, DJ said he fully intended to be a billionaire. The world, DJ insisted, was divided between winners and losers. He planned to be one of the winners.

After dinner was over and DJ had gone home, Liz turned to her family and asked, “Well, what do you think?”

Stan Ivie


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