Good folks, something to ponder. If sleepy Joe Biden happens to get elected (no matter his running mate) and Pelosi get re-elected, and the Dems retain the house, a lot of those clandestine people will create a coup against Biden claiming mental incapacity. We all know he is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Surely a take over like that will shake the very core of our democracy. We cannot allow that to happen at any cost.

It is a well-known fact that rust never sleep and is in constant decay. The agenda of the left is to create a sieve to silently erode the stability around us, hoping to own our very souls. Pres. Trump has been, and still is, working so hard to not let that happen.

The only mistake he made was keeping Obama “holdovers.” That backfired on him. As he replaces them, he becomes a racist and a nasty guy. Flash! He didn’t succeed in business by keeping incompetent people around him. 

Now this total nonsense of the radicals wanting to defund or dissolve police agencies is total lunacy. 

Business could no longer be insured based on possibilities of looting, arson and all around seditious dregs of society. Promoters need to revisit economics 101. 

Trying to erase history is shameful and to want some military bases renamed is disgraceful and disrespectful to all of our servicemen and women who gave their all for the freedoms you enjoy. 

If you wish to live under a socialist society, I suggest you renounce your citizenship and take a one-way flight to somewhere else. 

Wake up and smell the fresh brewed coffee instead of the fresh road kill of skunk. I’m sure you will feel much better.

Russ Larson


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Something to ponder are people's blind refusal to face facts. Trump is only concerned for making the one percent of America that own 90 per cent of the wealth richer. He made John Kelly, his chief of staff at the time, head of Homeland Security, just long enough for him to make it a policy for children of immigrants asking for sanctuary here, to be taken away and placed in separate detention centers. President Obama had children placed in detention centers only if the people they were with were not their families, because of the possibility of child kidnapping and sexual exploitation that was happening-some of which was beginning to be traced to Trump's friend Jeffrey Epstein. There was no mass separation of children from their families. John Kelly then became the CEO for Caliburn, the parent company of CHS (Comprehensive Health Services) that ran the Homeland detention center in Florida. They get over 750$ a day per child Since then Kelly's commented "Trump does not even pretend to try to unite the country and is instead engaged in a "deliberate effort" to divide the country, while lacking "mature leadership.". These are just a tip of the iceberg about Trump, and let me add I was happy when he got elected, I did not like Hillary at all. Mr.Biden who is a Roman Catholic has said he considers the LDS church one of the countries great religions. Is he really a few fries short? We are in the most critical time of history that has ever existed. We all need to think and analyse as clearly as possible the facts and not be emotion or herd driven.


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