Trump is the dumbest, most incompetent President who has ever graced the steps of the White House. Tillerson, who served as Secretary of State during the first year of the Trump administration, called Trump a XXXXing moron.

 Look at the truly stupid things he has done. 

First, he has had his heart set on building a wall. Never mind that a wall will not really keep anyone out. All a foreigner has to do is fly to Canada and then walk across the border, which is how the 9/11 terrorists got into the country. 

Second, Trump decided to have a “beautiful relations” with Kim, which gave North Korea all the time they needed to build up their stockpile of nuclear weapons. 

Third, Trump scuttled the agreement with Iran. He later assassinated Iran’s top general, which came very close to getting us involved in a shooting war. 

Fourth, look at how he treated the Kurds, who were about the only friends we had in the Middle East. Overnight, Trump kicked the Kurds under the bus, allowing Turkey to lay waste to those who had helped us defeat Isis. 

Fifth, Trump got himself impeached because he was playing fast and loose with foreign policy. He was out to get Biden, and it came back to bite him in the XXX. (Even Romney said he was guilty.) 

Sixth, Trump has bungled the response to the Coronavirus. He has spent the past three years cutting the budget and personnel of the CDC. 

Trump allowed his paranoia to get the better of him. He believed the professionals serving in Health were part of the “deep state,” which is one of his favorite fantasies.

The lid is now off Pandora’s Box. 

All the nasty little viruses are laying plans for springing out. The federal government does not even have enough kits to test for those who have the virus and for those who do not. 

Trump’s only response has been to say, “Maybe it will just go away.” What will he bungle next?

Stan Ivie


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What’s next? Poaching a German created corona virus vaccine to use EXCLUSIVELY for Americans, no one else. Because Trump is the worst human being alive today.

Germany tries to stop U.S. poaching German firm seeking coronavirus vaccine

Search that. Could not paste the link.

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