Sara Straw, Reaper, Dec. 26, p. 3A, comments on Fascism coming to America and fails to recognize it in the U.S. House of Representatives impeachment proceeding where Pres. Trump was denied more than a half dozen rights common to all citizens. No crime was alleged or proven required by the Constitution, Art. II, Section 4. Who is the whistle blower Pres. Trump must be allowed to face? The parade of “witnesses” contributed no facts and no firsthand evidence (rejected as hearsay). Sara says Trump people “refused to testify.” Not so. If the Democrats wanted to challenge executive privilege it is commonly and often decided by the courts not by democratic biased impeachment. The people want facts. There were none in the House hearings.

McConnell and Lindsey did not “refuse to be open minded jurors” they simply were protecting the President from brutal changing accusations at a time when House Democrats demanded to run the impeachment by baseless unsupported innuendo in the Senate. The Senate, even now, is not officially notified of the House cause of action. Does the Democrats need more time to find something else to dream up and cry about?

In relation to diversity, Democrat presidential candidates run from Fascist to Socialist to Communist. Beware of who/what you vote for. We can move toward traditional constitutional goals or our children could find themselves in a Venezuela/North Korea style retraining camp starving.

FASCISM. A system of government characterized by rigid one party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control…

L.S. Brown


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