I am a supporter of the county wide proposed swimming pool/recreation center.

In 2001, county taxpayers approved a bond sale for the construction of what is now the Sevier Valley Center. There was a lot of dissent with people arguing that it was too large a project - or that their taxes would be too high. Time has proven that the project was very beneficial to the entire county. Hardly a week passes without the center hosting some large event. Schools and Snow College host basketball, volleyball and wrestling competitions, each bringing hundreds of student athletes and their parents to Richfield. They stay overnight in our hotels. They dine in our numerous restaurants and buy fuel and snacks from our local merchants. Same for those who now come for our frequent concerts and theater shows. Food and bed taxes contribute a lot to our local community. Were it not for SVC, this revenue would have gone elsewhere.

I spend a lot of my time volunteering at Richfield’s Visitor Center. This too was a contentious project but I can tell you that it has become a roaring success for our whole county, not just Richfield City. 

Last year we hosted over 2,200 people, some of whom specifically asked about relocation or retirement potential. These people have done their homework and know exactly what they want in a community.

In order of importance is medical care, schools, college, airport, golf course, outdoor activities and, of course, the world class ATV/UTV trails. Swimming and general recreation facilities are frequently requested. We have these in-demand facilities and we have access to all five National Parks.

Just as all of these other amenities are attractive to visitors, and our current residents, so too will a year-round indoor swimming facility be appreciated by both residents and travelers who do have a choice as to where they stay. Overnighting brings in tax revenue. That helps keep our property taxes relatively low. Isn’t that what some of our local people want? 

A city either grows or it dies. I can assure you that if the city were to die, your taxes would be even higher. 

Vote YES on the bond issue. Authorize the Bond Sale and watch your city and county grow. YOU will reap the rewards.

Dick Cumiskey


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The thought that a pool is going to bring business to Sevier County makes me laugh. I will tell you what will bring business....lower taxes. Business locate where they can make a profit. I seriously doubt a pool plays any role.

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