Once upon a time the Republican Party was a proud and forward-looking organization. It assisted Lincoln in winning the Civil War. Later, it guided the nation through reconstruction and the westward movement. As the United States entered the 20th century, Teddy Roosevelt became President of the United States. Roosevelt was a man of vision. He expanded the national parks and broke up the industrial monopolies. Earl Warren was a Republican governor of California who was appointed to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Under his leadership, the Court rendered one of its most landmark decisions—Brown vs. The Board of Education in 1954, which held that segregated schools were unconstitutional.

Today, the Republican Party has made an about face. It has become a backward looking sham of its former self. What brought about this reversal of fortunes? During the 1960s, following the Civil Rights Act, Strom Thurman led the southern Dixiecrats out of the Democratic Party and into the arms of the Republicans. Rather than being the party that championed civil rights, the Republicans became the party of “drag your feet and turn your head racism.” 

It was this party that Donald Trump confiscated in 2016.

Political parties do not last forever. History reminds us there were once Wigs and Torres. The twilight of the Republican Party is now at hand. Trump is leading it down the off ramp of history. All of his policies and actions have proven to be disastrous. The tax bill was a trick-and-treat law. The poor got the trick and the rich got the treat. It exploded the national debt to the tune of some 2 trillion dollars. The economy, which has been touted as the greatest thing since apple pie, has started to slow down and decline. Trump’s tariffs have screwed up foreign markets for everyone, particularly farmers. 

Climate change has been ignored while more powerful hurricanes drill down on Florida. And where is the wall?

Trump would be a joke if it were not for the fact that he is a clear and present danger to himself, the nation, and the world. When Trumpism comes to an end, which the polls tell us will be the result of the 2020 elections, who will be around to pick up the pieces of the once proud Republican Party?

Stan Ivie


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Fear not Stanley -we have three people to save the world. crazy uncle Joe, socialist Sanders and dishonest Pocahontas. Tell us your choice.

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