I find reading Sara Straw’s letter, Reaper, p. 3A, difficult to understand. She uses 13.5 inches of Reaper space complaining about government problems and then wants the government to take over health care. She claims there is “no replacement” for Obamacare. For numerous years we in the United States have had the world’s best healthcare under individual responsibility. Inflation and insurance has caused huge increases in cost but more government will increase, not reduce or control, cost and quality.

What is meant by her claim that “the pandemic…is no worse than the flu?” If we look at the deaths, the flu is far worse than COVID-19.

Sara raised the question of General Flynn pleading guilty twice to making false statements to the FBI. She must be far behind the news. The FBI said they thought Flynn had not lied. Flynn’s pro bono lawyer has proved that the Flynn case was a horrible miscarriage of justice, which bankrupted and deprived him of his freedom. The government and the defense agree that the case should be dropped but the left wing judge will not do his duty. There is now no case before the court.

Sara should have been concerned and complaining about babies and toddlers in detention camps when the Obama administration opened the borders to criminals and illegal aliens. During the Trump years, separation of children was primarily to protect children from sex trafficking and drug lords. We must admit that the borders and children are much safer with the fence and border control.

The coming election asks us to be informed and vote. We must remember to vote FOR what is right and constitutional.

L.S. Brown


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Part of the reason President Obama pushed for his health care was because of the alarming increase of children with cancer and other conditions from the toxins with the environment . He knew a lot of parents could not afford the treatments for cancer. It was also the reason he fought so hard for the environmental regulations so children wouldn't get it in the first place. He did not let drug cartels in to the U.S. just people seeking a better life. In 2016 when trump was first talking about his wall the numbers from Mexico had dropped considerable. He withdrew aid from Guatemala and other countries which increased the horrible conditions and led to more people needing to escape the crime. He put John Kelly as head of homeland Security long enough to change the laws so children could be taken from their families,, President Obama only had 300 or less removed when they were with people who weren't there family because of children being exploited in the U.S with U.S. citizens, for the children's protection. t

Trump changes a law that says a federal employee must wait for five years before he can get a job that profits from any changes to laws that are made. A year after working at Homeland Security John Kelly was able to work as a CEO for Calabari which is the parent company of CHS (Comprehensive Health Services) who run many of the new detention centers. The one in Florida for children only makes a million or more dollars a day from children there that often don't get a toothbrush even. They charge 750 bucks a day per child. It is surrounded by barb wire and children somehow manage to 'run away' particularly females. If you can't see whats wrong with this picture it is because you just don't understand how bad it really is.

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