I just finished reading Stan Ivie’s most recent letter to the editor — March 5, 2020 titled “The Bungler.”

Mr. Ivie writers “Trump is the dumbest most incompetent President who has ever graced the steps of the White House.” This comment agrees with a letter to the editor written some months ago by Sara Straw when she stated basically the same thing.

I checked online back then and online now to see what if anything has changed. While Straw states President Trump has the IQ of a “fifth grader” and Ivie states Trump is “the dumbest most incompetent President who has ever graced the White House” — my computer data states that Mr. Trump actually has an IQ of 156, which classifies him as a genius.

Hmm, it makes me wonder if Ivie is getting his information from Straw or is Straw getting her information from Ivie.

Who should we trust, the computer data or our two local genius lefties?

Thann Hanchett


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Hi Than - Yes indeed. He's "A Very Stable Genius". He told us so and if you can't believe the POTUS, then who can you believe? On the other hand - Doublespeak has arrived and thriving nowadays is seems. Do you agree?

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