We are a couple of retired California transplants who moved to Utah in 2004, hoping to live among a people who had values similar to ours and the people in Richfield do. In a hurry, I left my purse on a grocery cart twice, and in both instances my purse was returned to the store with all the money intact. Saturday, we had a pickup load of tree limbs to put in one of the huge dumpsters set out for the convenience of people in “Clean-Up Week.” 

We also had an old car seat with all the iron hardware still underneath it that took both of us to lift it into the pickup. It must have weighed over a hundred pounds. 

When we reached the dumpster, we were dismayed that it looked at least ten feet high. While still untying the load, two angels appeared (a nice-looking, young couple) and kindly asked if they could help. 

We were so relieved. The young man jumped in the pickup, picked up the heavy seat with one hand, held it over his head and then deposited it in the vat. His wife quickly tossed the limbs into the dumpster. With bright smiles they were about to leave and I managed to say, “God bless you” with a voice choked up with gratitude. 

We surely love Richfield and the wonderful people who live here.

Mary Alice Tustison


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I was so delighted to see the Richfield Reaper while inquiring on Coronavirus cases in Richfield and Monroe. I was so hoping it bypassed these areas completely. I lived in Richfield from 1991-1995 and it just took me back seeing it. I worked at New Horizons on Main St.( a safehouse and shelter for domestic violence) and the owner then of the Richfield Reaper was Marge (whose last name I am so sorry I can't remember but I remember her and Monie very well - also a Board member )for New Horizons. It was a wonderful experience and I envy Mary Alice Tustison for living there now and I know how she feels. I took many wonderful memories of Utah with me including the Christmas tradition of The Forgotten Carols that my assistant at New Horizons Jerry-she had recently come back from a mission, turned me onto. I loved the snow-never saw it before and have missed it ever since, and the changing of the seasons you have there. I am sorry to hear that Virus has impacted you in any way but it sounds like you are showing very good common sense. I hope everyone continues to stay well and stay safe. God Bless!

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