I agree with Sara Straw, Reaper, Feb. 6, p. 3A, the federal government is spending far too much money. It would be much worse to be involved with the “green” program at a cost of near $40 trillion in ten years. She has numerous complaints and no solutions.

We should have a contest among our Reaper readers to come up with plans to deal with government spending problems. I will be first. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act and Replace Federal Reserve Notes in circulation with United States Notes. Argument for U.S. Notes is that we would not be required to pay interest on them. Consider 6 percent interest on the federal debt of $23 trillion savings for a starter. There are many places to reduce spending. The people must demand it.

I agree with Sarah that Pres. Trump impeachment trial is absurd. The Democrat House accusation after three days and wasting a ton of money came up with nothing. 

The 17 Democrat witnesses testified that they had differences of opinion with the President but could find no actual harm other than to their ego and actually testified the President did no wrong. It was totally absurd that Pres. Trump had no notice, representation, rights, time, witnesses or accuser (whistle blower). 

It would be impossible for Sara or anyone else in the country to face that kind of trial. The impeachment investigation and two accusations must be judged a total flop.

L.S. Brown


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Mr. Brown - It's quite odd to me that you didn't notice the evidence that clearly showed our POTUS attempting to strong-arm an ally. This in order to sink a political opponent by ILLEGALLY holding back AUTHORIZED funding THEY DESPERATELY NEEDED to fight our joint enemy in the form of Russia. It seems that Senator Mitt Romney DID notice...and voted appropriately.

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