I see Sara Straw, Reaper, June 18, p. 3A, wants us to “vote toward a goal of making our country a better place for everyone.” I fully agree.

The COVID-19 is being attacked from all sides but does not respond to votes. The worst places to live now are governed by Democratic mayors and governors. Should the politics be changed? The stock market is bouncing all over the board but will/can not settle until the virus is conquered. I do not know of more that can be done in that area now.

I think it strange that so many left-wing cities/states now release criminals faster than the police can arrest them and wonder why they have a crime problem. It looks like votes could solve the problems imposed on the people by bad representation.

The economy is slowly opening up and resulted in 2.5 million new jobs reported last week. We should see more of the same unless the virus gets the upper hand.

In my judgment the worst thing happening to our country is the “peaceful” riots. Criminals running free in our cities. Arson is the favorite riot activity. Property is destroyed before our eyes. Millions of dollars of goods are looted by criminals. The rioters do not believe in just compensation for their destruction of the numerous businesses unlawfully seized. In one riot rampage, 700 police officers injured 22 hospitalized and 20 killed. Retired police captain Doud Dorn shot dead on a street corner while attempting to defend the property of a friend. The right votes could solve the problems and the wrong votes will exasperate. It does not take too many brains even I know the present tumult system of government will not work so vote for law and order.

L.S. Brown


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When a cell phone records not one but four officers watching a man who offered no resistance murdered by a knee choking his air passage, what should people do? And that is only one incident. You are extremely exaggerating the rioting. For the most part they have been peaceful and profitable demonstrations. I was extremely touched to the point of tears seeing the Hispanic and Asian, Blacks and Whites holding hands and walking down the streets all over the country. Do you think Jesus Christ would approve of the racism inherent today in changing the facts especially about what is happening. White privilege has to end with equal treatment and opportunities for all. Shame on anyone who doesn't want that.

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