I am so tired of living in the stupidverse. The past 3 years have been one Trump created disaster after another. When a real natural disaster, Hurricane Maria, horrendous fires like Paradise, California and floods in the heartland, hits Trump fails to lead, and the disasters are compounded. Now we have a viral pandemic, and Trump’s failure to lead has yet to reach the real imminent disaster that is inevitable. His administration has done everything possible to exacerbate the spread of this virus, and tried to blame it on everyone else, from China to the Democrats. It wasn’t the Chinese or the Democrats who cut funding to the CDC, or fired all the health officials in charge of handling pandemics.

I will never understand Trump supporters. When I ask them if they would like their child to grow up to be just like Trump, they always answer no, they don’t like the way he behaves, that is, his values and morals. BUT, they like his policies of appointing Conservative judges, and his immigration policies, etc. And their 401K is doing so well. I then ask them how they explain this hypocritical mindset to their children. It’s okay to behave in the most awful human behaviors as long as the bank account is doing well. Cause, you know, money is most important thing in life. Just as Jesus told us.

Meanwhile, other countries are showing us the right and wrong ways to handle this pandemic. The authoritarian countries like China, Russia, Iran, keep everything secret and dig mass graves. South Korea has drive thru virus testing, takes FIVE MINUTES, and you find out your status. And which way is Trump doing it? Following his heroes as usual, Russia, China, anywhere there’s a dictator.

And the stock market takes a dive. Because, you know, it’s Obama’s fault.

To Than: I didn’t say Trump is dumber than a 5th grader, I was quoting General Mad Dog Mattis, Trump’s defense secretary at the time.

And to LS Brown, please explain how cutting taxes raises tax revenue... basic math...

You reap what you sow.

Sara Straw


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Now I can understand why Sarah Straw is a Democrat . She asks Mr Brown quote: "please explain how cutting taxes raises tax revenue". I am no expert on taxes like Mr.Brown however with my limited knowledge of economics it would seem as though it would stimulate the economy making more tax money available - Mr. Brown can you please explain it so even a Democrat could understand it .


"Usually when people talk about the trickle-down theory, it has to do with economics. The richer people at the top of a society become, supposedly, the more wealth there is to trickle down to the people below. It never really works out that way, of course, because if there are 2 things people at the top can't stand, they have to be leakage and overflow." Kurt Vonnegut


Your words have no value without evidence to support. Please show ANY time in history where this has worked. It failed when Reagan did it, resulting in a quadrupled national debt and a devastating economic CRASH in 1987. It FAILED when Bush did it, and we had another dramatic increase in our debt and the most devastating economic meltdown since the great depression. Now, Trump demonstrates how he too, can destroy the economy while increasing our debt by trillions, and accomplish NOTHING for the country or the people.

So.. when did this fantastic idea of cutting taxes to raise government revenue EVER succeed? SHOW EVIDENCE. Not opinions, actual FACTS. DATA. thanx.


It would appear that Parachute may have the same illness as Ms. Straw- i.e. the Narcissistic personality. She asks-'' when did cutting taxes ever succeed? Good grief where have you been for the past two years?Each night the nightly news has reported that unemployment is at an all time low because of the Trump tax cut. Only a narcissist would question those FACTS. For me to add to the above would be like casting pearls before swine.


There is no such thing as facts and evidence that you can give to a narcissist. They believe they have special talents the rest of us do not have. They read we don't. Only their facts are true. because they believe that way. -and they have these special talents.


Yes, progressives have special talents.

1. We can READ.

2. We can think critically.

3. We can present facts to support without resorting to logical fallacies.

Your claim that low unemployment means a good economy is false equivalence. When a large % of the population has to work several jobs to survive because wages are below life support, that is NOT “a good economy.” BTW, how’s that 401k doing?

Chickens are coming home to roost.


where are your facts to support that Trump has a low I?

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