After watching the state of the Union address, I bounced around the different news networks to listen to the commentary. I wanted a feel for how the speech was perceived. On Fox, the station seemed fixated on the fact that Speaker Pelosi ripped up the President’s speech when he finished. CNN dwelt on images of the President just before the speech, failing to shake the Speaker’s hand. 

I found no outlet that condemned both the President and Speaker for childish behavior.

With the impeachment vote, I was disturbed that the Democrats condemned the Republicans for voting down party lines and the Republicans denounced the Democrats for the same. Then a lone senator from Utah stood and voted against his party. 

Instead of cheering Mitt Romney for voting his conscience, I hear Democrats questioning his motivation and Republicans wanting to run him out of the Republican Party.

Regardless of how Senator Romney voted, I hope that he is a sign that there are still members of Congress that take their oath of office seriously. 

I hope there are still representatives that are willing to do what they believe is right and accept the consequences for their actions. I would pray there are enough mature citizens and members of government that we as a nation can move beyond petty bickering and childishness.

When Harry Truman fired Douglas McArthur and Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, the nation was outraged. Both men knew their actions could end their political careers and those actions did. Historians have since looked back and found both men on the right side of history. 

Though it does not matter to me if time will vindicate Senator Romney’s vote, I do hope history will show that his actions displayed integrity and a moral compass that seems to be lacking in all of our current political discourse.

Rodney Hurd


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