I am writing in support of the Snow College Community Development Center. Many of the arguments circulating may not be considering the long-term view of the question. 

1 - “People outside of Richfield should not be paying for Richfield’s pool.” If that was truly the question, most of us would agree. However, this project is much more than that. This community development center will be located on the Snow College Richfield campus and is important in the growth of the school. Fostering student life is critical if we want Snow Richfield to grow and a facility like this is a crucial aspect of that development. Snow College President Brad Cook stated that every dollar invested into education in a community turns into seven dollars in the form of jobs and other spending. We need to invest in the growth and development of our community. We need to create enough good jobs in our community to allow our children to work and raise their families here instead of moving to the Wasatch Front. 

2 - Another statement I have heard is “Let’s spend money on something that will pay for itself,” to me, this is like a farmer buying a tractor and then expecting that tractor to “pay for itself.” The tractor will not pay for itself; the tractor is a tool. 

Its purpose is to help grow a crop and that crop will make the tractor payment with hopefully a little left over. This community center is like a tractor. It’s a tool that fosters development at Snow College and the entire community. It may not pay for itself outright, but investment in Snow College and recreational facilities for the community are critical for continued growth.  

3 - “We don’t support it because Richfield gets everything.” With this being on Snow College’s campus, there is no other logical place for a facility like this. Talk dividing us into North Sevier, South Sever and Richfield is divisive and damaging. We need to put aside high school politics and see that the development of Snow College benefits all of us.  

When voting on this facility, please consider what you would like to see our little valley become in 10-20 years. We are making a very important decision. Do we want to foster development and education in our community or do we not? Investing in Snow Richfield is truly an investment in our community’s future.

Rusty Bastian

Central Valley

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TC Chris

The real challenge I have is that the project grows government! That is a massive problem in our country today, we do things to help a few at the expense of the many.

The very definition of growing government!

Citizens have the ultimate responsibility to shrink government. Just because one debt is soon to be retired we should not burden ourselves with a greater debt that in reality will become part of a state institution, in reality.

I really do not know, ive been to the richfield pool once since it was covered an heated. Spectator not swimmer. Imagine how much I would use a new facility.

Oh I did attend a class reunion on the pavilion,got rained on by ashes from a fire. Not really an issue, just an inconvenience.

Don't grow government, ever, we,are doing ok and will continue to do ok!

Our community is now close to 20,000, 200 of those people desire for you to go into 25,000,000 in debt for something they might get to see, probably not ever be able to enjoy.

Your decision, make it bigger or rein them back.

I also remember when the tech desired to take our library from us, sounded nice, but realities are snow south or set, has mostly hs students, this is not really a college yet!

Tc Chris

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