Mr. Ivie, Reaper, Sept. 5, p. 3A, complains about the Republicans when the greater fault is with Democrats. The civil rights challenge may bring many new voters to Pres. Trump. It is Democrats who “drag their feet” building the wall. The tax shake up provided benefits for over 90 percent of the people. I fail to see any proposals in the Ivie letter which would solve any of the Nation’s numerous problems.

The national hurricane people report that hurricanes are decreasing in numbers and intensity contrary to climate change hype.

Tariffs are a principal source of revenue for the United States. Const. Art. 8, S.1, Cl.1. Does Mr. Ivie believe we would be better off if China destroyed the U.S. and imposed communism on us? Pres. Trump wants an even trading field which would require China to pay its own bills which it cannot do. Keep the pressure on China.

Only solutions can solve problems. The “Tyler Cycle in History” paints a picture which requires our attention. Simplified, a nation begins in bondage, gains courage, liberty and abundance only to decay into apathy, dependence and back to bondage. Historically, all nations follow this pattern.

The solution. It appears to me that the Constitution is the answer. It was established under severe bondage and brought us to great wealth. Departure from the Constitution is a certain course to loss of liberty and abundance. The admitted national debt now is over $22 trillion. Many of our problems today are addressed by the founders.

There will be a Constitution class in Snow College room number 147 B, Administration Building, south of the large parking through the glass doors and down the hall. 7 p.m., Sept. 19. 

The text is the U.S. Constitution. Bring your copy if you have one and a note pad. Please pre-register (435) 823-7670.

L.S. Brown


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