Whoa. We should get back on point. Sara Straw and Stan Ivie (Reaper, Dec. 12, p3A) continue to press for impeachment of Pres. Trump even though no crime has been alleged or proven. (U.S. Constitution Art. I, Sec. 4) Only the whistle blower (hereafter, w b) knows of the crime, if there was a crime. Since the w b has not appeared, the Democrat hearings have changed the accusations almost daily and all testimony was hearsay, a serious student who believes in American justice can only conclude that there is no ground to support impeachment.

We are brought to this point by: 1. There is no accusation under oath. 2. Pres. Trump is denied his right to face his accuser the w b. 3. There is no probable cause on record. 4. Pres. Trump is compelled to prove he is innocent when no crime is alleged 5. The accuser (the House Committee) us is clearly biased as the impeachment commenced immediately after Pres. Trump had taken office three years ago. 6. Rules of evidence are scrapped. 6. Pres. Trump is deprived of witnesses. 7. Pres. Trump is deprived of counsel. 7. No crime alleged and Pres. Trump’s Fourth Amendment rights is under attack.

Mr. Ivie cautions, “Don’t trust your cookies…” Here is the problem. If the impeachment is successful it will prove that Congress or any bureaucrat can attack anyone without cause and deprive them of any or all of their constitutionally guaranteed rights. Further, no president will be able to do anything to fulfill his/her duties because if it angers anyone associated with government, impeachment will be implemented. Is that what we really want for your children?

L.S. Brown


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I really like Ron Hamblin's letter to the editor. Let's be peaceful. Once it was the John

Birch Society that disturbed the peace of so many folks who were deeply concerned about the influence of Russian Communism. It's a real wonder how folks have turned their eyes and their minds in other directions to follow far greater disturbers of the peace.

Cleon Skousen was a messenger who would be scratching his head at the way his former followers embrace the influence of Russia nowadays within our government. I think Cleon had it more right than the current crop of message givers with their ultra high level of sarcasm & ultra low energy approach to the message. I've found it wise to stay pretty clear of the boobtube boobs & READ stuff that approaches reality with a real intent to really inform. I would suggest the same for all involved.

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