I enjoyed three pro-America letters last week but Sara Straw appears a little mixed up, Reaper, Feb. 27, p. 3A. Tax cuts do pay for themselves by increased tax revenue. If we could convince the State Legislature to work to repeal the 16th Amendment or join the Liberty Amendment, which also repeals the 16th Amendment there would be no more federal personal income tax and more money in your pocket. Constitutional taxation is a far better plan, see U.S. Constitution, Art I, Sec 2, Cl 4; Art 1, Sec 8, Cl 1; Art I, Sec. 9, Cl 4, and would not violate our rights.

The federal budget is another problem with a different cure. The cure is for the federal government to stop spending too much money. There are several issues that must be pursued. The Liberty Amendment would reduce the size of government by requiring the government to sell all businesses in competition with private enterprise. The Education Department can be abolished and transfer education to the states. A federal hiring freeze must be quickly initiated. All land unlawfully held by the federal government in violation of Art I, Sec 8, Cl 17, U.S. Const. must be transferred to and controlled by the states providing state revenue and reduce the federal bureaucracy. The Federal Reserve Act must be repealed (Do we understand how much money 6 percent interest of the $23 trillion debt really is? This is a cost of circulating Federal Reserve Notes.).

Sara is right about the exploding deficit but did not mention inflation. Inflation is like an inflated balloon. It looks pretty until over inflated and it pops. Our money system looks beautiful until overinflated and explodes. Is that just around the corner?

These are things that must be done to establish a platform for saving our nation and children. Are we up to the task?

L. S. Brown


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Very informative. Thanks.

The Trump administration has done a bang up job of reducing the Fed Govt. One great thing they've done is to eliminate the task force that was formed specifically to fight a potential pandemic. This task force was foolishly initiated by the previous admin that was led by some dumb guy who I'm pretty sure was born in Hawaii. Hurray!!!

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