Have you ever lived around highly neurotic people? They suck all of the oxygen out of the room. All attention must be centered on them. Others must tiptoe around their neurotic whims. Every day brings forth a new crisis—a problem that cannot be solved. Life moves from one chaotic situation to the next. There is never a moment of resolution—a day of rest. 

If you have missed such a personal experience, don’t fret. There is one right in front of your eyes. You have no farther to look than the White House. Donald Trump, for all of his narcissistic antics, represents a classic example of a self-absorbed, highly neurotic personality. Have you ever asked yourself why the White House is in constant turmoil? White House staff cannot mention the words Russia, John McCain, or impeachment. Such words raise the President’s ire. Why does the President love dictators like Putin and Kim? Why does he hate NATO and the Mueller Report? One day Trump claims Mueller totally exonerated him. The next day he rails that Mueller is a conflicted person. This week it is tariffs against China and Mexico. Next week it will be Salvadorians storming the southern border. Obsessions never cease. 

If you are not convinced that Donald Trump is a mentally disturbed personality, you need to read Bandy Lee’s book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. The book offers a detailed assessment by 27 different psychiatrists and mental health experts on the neurotic patterns of behavior demonstrated by Donald Trump. The case is clear — Trump is teetering on the edge of sanity/insanity. Habitual lying is a symptom of mental illness. Lying constitutes a refusal to accept reality. Trump has told 1,000 different lies since taking office, according to the Washington Post. Every day adds to the total.

All human relationships are based on trust. It is the lubricant that keeps society chugging along. Can you trust your mate to be honest with you? Can you trust your employer to treat you fairly? Can you trust the government to follow the laws? Would you trust Donald Trump to look after your dog over the weekend? If not, why would you trust him with the country?        

Stanley D. Ivie 


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Seriously??? Get a grip. America is far better off today than it would of been if crooked Hillary would of become POTUS. Trump may not be perfect, like you not I am, but he sure the heck wants only the best for the American people!!!

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