It’s a convoluted and confusing world we live in today. A long time ago, when I was young, we had the fairness doctrine, which forced broadcasters to use one hour of their daily programming for the public good, and that hour was the news. Not infotainment for profit, but actual reporting that you could count on for the facts as they were known at the time.

If you shop around today, you can still get facts in the news, but you have to compare and contrast, and READ, read a LOT. I find that most people are not bothering to find out the facts, because they’re busy, or it doesn’t fit with their personal bias, or they’re lazy, or they just don’t care. 

“I don’t care if the USA fails and the country becomes a Dickensian nightmare, because I don’t even know what that means, and by the time it happens, it will just seem like normal to me.” Yeah, a lot of citizens have said that in their countries that failed and became terrible places to try and survive. But hey, was it your fault? 

Yes. In a Democratic Republic, you have a responsibility to learn and participate in your government, from your local city and county offices, to your national representatives. When you don’t, your community declines, because you didn’t pay attention, your school doesn’t give your children an education that serves them in a rough and uncertain world, and everything gets too expensive and you can’t afford the medications to keep yourself or loved ones alive, etc. But hey, you were too busy to pay attention to politics. 

Sevier County is very lucky to have a few very good office holders, and then a lot of officials who are careful not to “rock the boat” because it might anger some residents. Sure it would have been a good thing to invest in community projects that would benefit residents for a generation or more, but we didn’t want to annoy anyone so we didn’t do it because, hey, we’re nice guys. What? No women in office? Just like Saudi Arabia! 

After all, it’s a slow decline. We’ll be dead and it will be someone else’s problem. You know, our kids’ problem.

Sara Straw


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YEA !!!!-- She is back! My favorite part of the Richfield Reaper has been the letters from Sara Straw. She has been missing for weeks. I was afraid that with the booming economy as it is of late she may have become a women for Trump. I thought she may be wearing a MAGA hat and living by the sea coast. Welcome back Sara! Love your letters keep them coming.

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