As a mom of four kids, two still at home and two who have recently “flown the nest,” I am convinced that one of the keys to raising successful children is to keep them busy doing good things. In doing this, we need to help them find balance in life. This comes as they find positive ways to develop intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually. I have lived in Richfield for over 16 years now and am grateful that my husband and I were able to settle here. We live in a beautiful valley surrounded by wonderful people. That being said, I can think of one thing that could make living here even better — a nice recreation facility! In the near future, we will be given the opportunity to vote to approve a county bond to help fund a new center. A parcel of land has been donated by Snow College for this exact purpose. Our mayor has spent countless hours visiting recreation centers throughout the state and doing his “homework” on what has worked well and what hasn’t in each of these facilities. Because of his efforts, we have a concept plan that includes an outdoor pool, leisure pool and a competition swimming pool, as well as several other amenities. What he is proposing will provide a safe place for our kids and grandkids to socialize and to be physically active. What an awesome thing — no more driving to Manti, Cedar City or Provo to be able to enjoy a “top-notch” recreation facility. 

Please vote YES and be a part of investing in our most important assets — our kids and grandkids! 

Melissa Winters


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