What is in the federal tax bill for me/us? Mr. Ivie, Reaper, Nov. 30, p. 3A, states there is nothing for the “little guy.” It only enriches the rich corporations. He overlooks that the people pay all of the taxes. Corporations and the IRS merely collect taxes for the government.

I favor the substantial tax cut for corporations. Taxes on corporations are one of the costs of doing business which, if reduced and competition flourishes, brings down the cost of products, raises wages and grows the economy. That is good for all of us.

Mr. Ivie claims there will be a tax increase for all who make less than $100,000. How is that possible when the minimum rate is raised to $12,000 for singles and $24,000 for married and tax brackets are reduced?

Mr. Ivie and everyone must be concerned with the $2 trillion predicted deficit. That with income tax, are the most regressive of all taxes. They are extremely costly, increase debt and we derive no benefits. A real question is where was everyone when Pres. Obama added $10 trillion to the national debt? Can we recover from that fiasco?

The problem with taxes is that we have too much government. Rather than complaining about the tax proposal it would be more productive to reduce the size, spending and corruption involved.

I believe Stan, his mother can agree on “The Perfect Tax, Ed Griffin” — see letter Reaper, Nov. 30, p. 3A. However, the perfect tax requires a near perfect people dedicated to a perfected America. Do we qualify?

L.S. Brown


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