We live in a society controlled by lies and fear. 

The master liars, fear mongers, hate mongers, and controllers have learn over the generations that if you can create a society full of fear on what ever topic, you can then easily control them with multiple lies in order to get them to cower, hide, or do what ever you dictate to them. They will change their lives however you demand them to. 

Such is the control of people through fear and lies. Marxists, Globalists, all Luciferians in their ideologies of control over humanity. 

We have propaganda media, politicians of all forms, indoctrinated educators, etc. (long list) generationally brainwashed and now teachers and supporters of those who chose to use fear and lies to obtain riches and power and control. Terror Groups like Hamas, Isis, Alqueda, KKK, BLM, Antifa, Black Panthers, weather underground, communists, socialists, all have used fear to control and destroy civilized societies, then to control who is left under their tyranny. Fear is the mind and soul killer. 

Do not submit to fear, do your OWN study and research on topics, no longer accept at face value from your media’s or other sources sell you. Most are full of deceit and lies with agendas. 

There are real conspiracies that are endangering your liberty, your lands, your families, your faith in God and the ability to worship Him. Some may call this a conspiracy theory, however that phrase was coined in the mid 50s by a California communist newspaper in order to silence those who were exposing the many infiltrators into America society, schools, government who were communists with the goal of destroying America from within. Generations later, they control your national and many state governments and local ones, your schools books, higher education is full of the virus of socialism, Marxism, Luciferisms. 

And peoples apathy, lack of caring is bringing us to the point of no return.

The wicked rule the streets in democrat cities and states, terror is accepted, fear glorified, lies endorsed by the rulers of these places. 

It’s up to YOU to awaken, to search and discover God, the US Constitution and real liberty, that government is NOT the controller of people, We The People come first, and rule over the governments. Shall we unite as a liberty-minded people? Or shall we finally succumb to the wishes of the wicked? 

Choose well.

Stephen Huls


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Wow! That's quite a fear inducing scenario you describe if one were to take it as reality. I suggest that you maybe ought to delve into the concept of "conspiracy theory", and see if your diatribe doesn't promote, rather than define, this sort of propaganda.


It seems that Mr Huls letter is doing the very actions he claims the opposition is using. There is a word for that: projection.

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