They say rats are always the first to desert a sinking ship. Guess what? Trump’s ship is going down. The election polls are running against him. The recent CNN poll shows Biden running 14 points ahead of Trump. The Fox News poll shows Biden leading Trump by 12 points. The average of all the major polls has Biden out in front by 10 points. Not a single major poll shows Trump beating Biden. Critical to the coming election is the female vote. Here women favor Biden over Trump by 25 points. Trump thought he could run on the merits of a strong economy. Guess what? COVID-19 has put an end to that dream. Forty million Americans are now out of work. Who do you think they will be voting for? Trump’s recent rally in Oklahoma was a royal flop. Not only did he not attract enough people to stage an outdoor rally, but he was not able to fill the indoor arena. The arena had a seating capacity of 19,000. Only 6,500 devoted fans showed up for the event. The magic of watching Trump perform his tricks on stage has worn thin.

Did you watch the Bolton interview on ABC Sunday evening? He gave us an expose on his book. As National Security Adviser, Bolton was in a key position to witness Trump’s idiosyncrasies. Bolton tells us that Trump only had one thing on his mind—winning the next election. He didn’t care a hoot about America’s national interests unless they matched his own. None of the foreign leaders respect Trump. They all see him as someone who is weak, and who can be easily manipulated by flattery. According to Bolton, Putin knew how to “play Trump like a drum.” Bolton found Trump to be a self-absorbed, incompetent person who was disinterested in learning new things. When they attended the conference in Helsinki, Trump thought Finland was part of Russia. So where do we go from here? Romney was the first to jump ship. Trump called him a “rat.” As Trump’s poll numbers continue to drop, more Republicans will be jumping ship. Why place your money on a losing hand? Before the election in November, most Republicans in Congress will have divorced themselves from Trump. Do you remember the Apprentice? Trump’s favorite line is coming back to bite him, “You’re Fired!”

Stanley Ivie


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Utah is blessed to have Mitt Romney for a senator. Great letter.

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