I am a Republican and a strong supporter of President Donald Trump. I believe it was an act of Providence that he was elected and I am grateful for this blessing every day. I think he is the greatest president and has done more for this nation than all the other presidents combined since Ronald Reagan. Whatever his failings, they pale in comparison to what the opposition has done and what would have happened if he had lost.

I think he knows right from wrong, freedom from slavery and democracy from socialism and I think he is fighting for the right, like Abraham Lincoln. I admire his strength and determination against all odds to fight for the Constitution of the United States.

In my opinion, President Trump “calls it like he sees it” and is too transparent to be a “Mob Boss.” I think the previous administration is being exposed as behaving more like a mafia.

I cannot imagine where this nation would be if President Trump not won. I am appalled as to how the Democratic Party has elevated the Socialist values to the level it has in their party.

Candidate Bernie Sanders in 2016 lauded the Socialist government as the ultimate position at which a government can attain by focusing on the great nation, Venezuela, and it’s wonderful, governmental ideologies as the example for the world to follow.

I suggest that anyone agreeing with Bernie Sanders’ Venezuela’s Socialist ideologies buy a one-way ticket to the Utopian nation.

McVoy H. Barben


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Agree 100% #TrumpTrain2020

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