Regarding his letter of July 25th, it should not surprise that Dr. Ivie calls on Plato to show how a ‘good’ society ought to function. 

After all, Plato’s Republic says that in the perfect society an anointed class of all-wise progressive superior intellects would bear the twin burdens of having to lead us deplorables around by the nose while chiding us for our self evident stupidity. 

Clearly one of Plato’s elite, college professor Dr. Ivie directs us to revile President Trump as racist because he called out the anti-American vitriol being spewed daily by four women who incidentally have dark complexions. In numerous letters over eight years, Dr. Ivie had nothing but praise for a higher-ranking official who incidentally also has a dark complexion. 

In contrast, for the last three years, Dr. Ivie has written at least monthly to pontificate, often condescendingly, on the overarching evil of Donald Trump. And since of the two, he only attacks the one whose complexion is incidentally not dark, by his own obviously superior reasoning, shouldn’t Dr. Ivie be reviled as an anti-white bigot?

David Collins


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