Oh, Sara, there you go again. More half-truths, falsehoods and lies.

The Looney Left seems to throw the word “Nazi” around like free government cheese. Perhaps you should see what the definition is before accusing the President of being one.

In January, the President closed borders and flights from China while Democrats accused him of being every kind of “phobic,” all while they were yucking it up in China Town. The President condemned the killing of George Floyd on the day it happened, and sent the FBI to do an independent investigation. If he is such a racist, Sara, then why is minority unemployment at historic lows?

Nancy Pelosi and her band of thieves wrote themselves a $18,000 per year raise and funded special interest groups who funnel money back to the DNC.

After Wednesday’s hearing and testimony from Rod Rosenstein, it’s becoming apparent that Obama and Biden ran one of the biggest crime syndicates in the USA.

Perhaps a better question would be: Why would someone who is a billionaire want to be Secretary of Education? Maybe she cares. What has her wealth got to do with her ability to do her job?

And, oh yeah. May’s job report was $2.5 million going back to work.

Another favorite of the Looney Left is that Republicans will steal Social Security. We have been hearing that for 40 years, yet Pelosi used Social Security funds to pay for the Meuller hoax investigation to the tune of $60 million.

I am not aware of the First Amendment being denied to anyone other than churches in Democratic-run states.

How is it that the President has been in politics for four years and he is blamed for everything by people who have been there for 30 years?

And, yes, the Looney left always goes full circle to the Second Amendment (don’t buy a gun).

Sara, you have been trying for 20 years to sway someone, and I am not aware of anyone who has been swayed yet.

Perhaps you should focus on doing one act of kindness each day of the year, and change 365 lives. It would have far more impact and do far more good. Bet you can’t.

Bryan Burrows


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