Mr. Ivie (Reaper, Aug 8, p. 3A) admits that his letter is fatally flawed because it is a metaphor.

Metaphor. “A figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable ... “ Internet. Therefore, nothing in Mr. Ivie’s letter can be applied to impeachment of Pres. Trump (POTUS) as he concluded in his letter.

Fox news correctly pointed out that the Mueller investigation was in search of a crime. No crime was alleged and no investigation was lawful. No crime was identified or reported against Pres. Trump which indicates that any impeachment would be without cause.

The remainder of the Ivie letter appears to be nonsense. There is no reason to believe POTUS aided “trying to sway the 1916 election.” There is no fact that proves the Russians favored POTUS. No information proves POTUS removed the sanctions on Russia. There is no settled point(s) that POTUS interfered in the Mueller investigation when, in fact, the executive branch was far too open to Mr. Mueller.

The final point, as I understand the situation, POTUS can fire or otherwise remove from office anyone in the executive branch for any reason or no reason. All employees there serve at the pleasure of the president.

I often wonder about the progress that may have been coming our way if the people and representatives had worked for constitutional goals rather that occupy time with the political outrageous nonsense of the season. The American system is the best in the world. How can we get there? It will take serious study and dedication. If the Founders found liberty it should be relatively easy for us as they set the pathway in the U. S. Constitution.

L.S. Brown


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