I hear a lot about dreamers these days and their sad plight. What does that mean and why are they getting so much attention? There has always been and always will be dreamers and that is good, because it motivates the human condition to a higher level. However, the dreamers we hear about in this age of confusion seem to need to be treated in a special way, such as let them come across our borders illegally, giving them this and giving them that. If you are a dreamer and choose to dream, dream in your own environment, your own city or country and make the changes there that are needed to succeed in your dreams. Every graduation class I have ever heard from throughout the years is filled with dreamers striving to succeed in a variety of ways. If they choose to go to other countries, they quietly go through the process of legally entering the chosen country. They don’t try to invade another country by illegal means to get others to pay their way. Most young adult Americans are taught that it is good to be a dreamer, but there are conditions and legal means of accomplishing these dreams, and that just being a dreamer doesn’t get you anything in this life. You will probably never succeed if you don’t get off the couch and start the process of accomplishing what you are dreaming about. Dreams are just dreams unless you begin to build and work and strive to accomplish them. Don’t expect the government to come rushing to your side because you are dreaming about something you would like to do, because most likely that won’t happen. Don’t expect others to accomplish your dream, it won’t happen. It is your dream and your job to fulfill all the moves to make it happen. So good luck dreamers and don’t forget all our dreams are just dreams and sometimes they don’t happen because in the course of life they get lost or they just didn’t fit in the life and choices we make as we progress through life. But that is ok, there are many dreams, but few are accomplished. Just live the life you were meant to live and don’t focus on all those lost dreams, and don’t expect the world to take care of you. You take control of your life.

Lila Billings


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This person has no clue about the dreamers who want only to be Americans. They are not taking anything away from other Americans, & in fact, contribute a lot more to America than many native born citizens. It’s a shame that some Americans have so little awareness about Dreamers & America.

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