My husband and I were both raised here in Richfield and we feel so blessed to have been able to come back and raise our family here. We love this area and community.

That being said, we, as a community, must keep improving and building a better Richfield and a better Sevier County.

The community development center is an opportunity to do just that. I know there has been a lot of debate over this issue and come November, we have the opportunity to vote. Here are a few of the facts to consider before you cast your ballot —

• The bond Richfield City has been paying on for the golf course will be paid off in 2022. Those funds will then be re-appropriated to the new community center. They will also transfer the funds they are putting into the current city pool to the new center.

• Sevier County has a bond for the SVC that will be paid off in 2021. Those funds would then be appropriated to the community center.

• The property for the new community center will be donated by Snow College as an opportunity to help expand and grow Snow College South. They will also approach the Utah State Legislature for an additional portion of construction funding and ongoing maintenance.

• Citizens of Sevier County will not be taxed additionally for funds to complete the Community Center. 

I have spent many summer days traveling to areas outside of Sevier County with my kids to enjoy fun activities at nice aquatic facilities. I know many of you have too. Every time we venture out, we see friends and acquaintances from the valley and neighboring counties.

Let’s take this opportunity to build something great that will keep our friends, our neighbors and our kids here in our own community. Let’s support local businesses with our patronage and our pocketbooks. Let’s be part of something we can be proud of. Something that will bring added value and long standing memories for all of us who call this place we love, home.

Vote yes this November.

Ashley Belnap


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