This country was founded as one nation under God.

We as citizens forget this too often and need to be reminded. Christopher Columbus was guided here, the founding fathers fought to make this a free country, they were inspired during the writings of the Constitution; this country will be helped when the people follow the directions from our Heavenly Father.

The people on the extreme left and the people on the extreme right are trying to ruin this country. Middle America and people in rural areas know what is needed. The silent majority is letting the vocal minority have its way. We need to quit making laws and rules for the one percent or the five percent and take care of the 90-plus percent of the people.

One problem of society today is the lack of good stable families, one that has a father and a mother who love each other. They have children and they try to teach their children right from wrong. To many children are being raised by one parent. It is hard enough with two parents working together. Most of the problems including crime, drug abuse, immorality, killing, robbing, rioting, etc. could be diminished thru good parents who take time to be with each other and their children.

Secret combinations and Gadianton Robbers are found in government, in business and in other locations. We need to realize this and get them removed. They are just looking out for themselves and not for the good of others. We need to have truth in new reporting and the media. Start telling the real truth and reporting what is right. Quit lying and making up stories to further your private agendas.

Policemen and women are needed in our society. They need to be trained more in how to react in stressful circumstances and how to not cross the line. People of all colors and races need to respect each other. We should not show violence towards anyone. We need to live the Ten Commandments. They are the minimal laws and we should do better than those minimum laws.

Our country can only be as good as we make it. Stop killing, stealing, lying, lawsuits and immoral activities. We need term limits on elected government offices, balanced budget laws to quit making law to solve little problems that actually make larger problems – the Pendulum Effect.

Keith Waters


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Which planet are you visiting from? It must be like 1960 B& W television shows there. That's not the world we live in here on earth. Founding fathers wanted separation of church and state, and put it in our Constitution, 1st amendment. Columbus thought he landed in India, and proceeded to rape, murder and enslave the natives. Not sure why you think that is such a wonderful thing.

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