Last week I filed for the opportunity to run for the office of Richfield City Councilman. 

I have gone through the campaign and election process several other times so I was pleased to see that there would not likely be a need to run a primary election. However, I was quite shocked to learn at the conclusion of the filing period, that I was one of three individuals who had filed for the three open council seats! 

This means that there will in effect be no 2019 November municipal election in Richfield. This scenario generally means that there is a population rife in apathy or that the populace is very satisfied with the status quo. I firmly believe in this instance that it is the latter. The citizens of Richfield are obviously satisfied with the job that our current elected and appointed public officials are doing. I’m not running because I have any kind of axe to grind, I merely want to serve the community that has so warmly invited my family to be a part of you. Although we are relatively new comers to your town, we love living in Richfield and are proud to call it home. I have had the opportunity to previously serve as an elected city councilman in two other municipalities and I take this responsibility very seriously. 

I have an established record of attending the meetings and other requisite functions associated with this position, and I likewise pledge to serve this community in a similar fashion. I am truly looking forward to getting better acquainted with our city staff and other elected officials as we work together for the common good of Richfield. 

I will make myself available to anyone and promise to be open-minded and fair in the dispatch of my duties. I’m anxious and waiting and will be honored to serve.

Kip Hansen


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