The Utah Legislature is in general session. To view bills, go to

Some bills worthy of consideration—

HCR 11 Urging the president to rescind Bears Ears monument.

HCR 12 Reduce or modify boundaries of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

HB 19 Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform requiring a criminal conviction before taking property.

[SB] 70 Enhance transparency in asset forfeiture cases.

SB 81 Exempts small home-based businesses from licensure and fees.

HB 94 Make occupational licensure less burdensome.

HB 112 Allow legal gun owners to carry a concealed weapon without permit.

SB 115 Reduces truancy child’s parent’s charges from class B misdemeanor to infraction.

Urge the introduction of a proposal of the definition of life as Article 1, Section 30 of the Constitution of Utah, as life beginning at conception, viable after 12 days.

Leviticus 17:11 describes “… the life of the flesh is in the blood …” This occurs on conception.

Urge the introduction of the Liberty Amendment into the Utah Legislature.

Contact today — Rep. Carl Albrecht,; Sen. Ralph Okerlund,

Scott Turner


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