I wonder how people can stand by and watch evil happen in front of their eyes. I guess this is what happened in Germany 95 years ago. Good people, watching, doing nothing, while their leader goaded the evil to the “final solution.” 

It is just so incomprehensible that people will continue to support a leader who seems to have no ability to care about helping the people of his country while they die by the thousands from a pandemic that has been effectively prevented from the mass deaths in other countries, thereby keeping their economies open... A leader who doesn’t condemn racist murder but promises “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” 

Who hires people who have criminal records to work in his administration. Where the most wealthy corporations pay no taxes, but take the lion’s share of pandemic aid that was supposed to help small business and people who have lost their jobs. 

Where the Secretary of Education is a billionaire who wants to destroy the public school system, and is using the tax money intended for public education and forcing it to be used for private schools. 

It’s bad now, but the jobs aren’t coming back for many, so it will get worse. One of the solutions is to cut Social Security and they are working very hard on that project.

The First Amendment is barely recognized as law, although the second amendment is practically a holy sacrament. 

It’s a real shame that we parents and grandparents are handing our children and grandchildren a country that is not recognizable as the America we grew up in.

Sara Straw


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