I do not understand a need for ALL of Sevier County residents to pay for this extravagant Community Development Center. How many communities in Sevier County already have a swimming pool? How many communities in Sevier County already have a walking/jogging/bicycle path in place (constructed from your tax dollars)? How many communities in Sevier County already have a community center within their respective area(s)? I am of the opinion that residents of Sevier County ought to pay for their fair share of USAGE, but NOT the construction.

Now, I ask this: why wasn’t an Olympic sized -or other sized - Swimming pool built/constructed during the massive and expensive Richfield High School renovation? How about a descent sized gymnasium as well? In every other community that I have been in, or lived in, the high schools have their own swimming pools, for use by their physical education classes and swim teams - which local communities have utilized and paid usage fees for (these swimming pools have been used for lessons, open swimming, as well as parties by local communities).

I do not feel college students should bear the construction/maintenance costs for this planned Community Center, especially when the planned usage of this facility is ALSO intended for the high school(s), what percentage I cannot say. Therefore, ask this: why aren’t we seeing the Sevier School District listed as a participant in paying for construction/operating costs of this Richfield Community Development Center?

Lastly, location: The proposed Community Center will not be easily accessible, nor convenient for, children and/or families from Koosharem, Joseph, Sevier, Monroe, Salina, Redmond, Elsinore, Austin, Central, Annabella, Venice, Glenwood and Burrville ... and yet each of these communities will be expected to pay for the construction of this community center?

My opinion regarding the current cost structure and proposal of the Community Development Center (to be constructed in Richfield City) is: contrary, unaccommodating, exaggerated, extravagant, galling and a little vexatious. I already expressed my problematic concerns regarding this intended Community Development Center when the original survey was sent out .... I feel that my voice was ignored then.


Rebecca Case


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TC Chris

Rebeca I think your comments are spot on.

The new 66 million dollar hs did not build a new pool because richfield city had in place all that was needed!

This is not a regional facility, this is a richfield city and snow college facility, I'm sure the new college brochure will reflect to attract one more student!

Snow serves as many hs students, learning a trade as normal jr college students. What that 250 ?

At most 500 people of all ages will use a 25 million dollar facility.

Oh I forgot to mention that a few events will be hosted that will sell some hotel rooms, gasoline, and fast food meals. For sure big time supporters of local businesses!

Anybody remember that thing called the round Robin?

I sure do, that was an event that injected income to our service industry that actually made a difference to all of them. Well it was a basketball event, but brought people in for a time almost nothing today brings people for even an overnight. Students, parents it was a time but a good time and the industry actually did make some money in a very cash poor time of the year. Oh this was the host.

Then some college built a taxpayer funded facility and it left our community.

So you build it, they will come, yes for about as long as that movie actually runs!

18 plus then another 5 to keep the doors open, 23 plus a year to provide something nice for 500 out of 20,000. Sounds like a good deal for anyone desiring to expand government!

If the college wants it, they can budget for it. They get all the benefits, richfield and sevier county gets all the responsibilities!

Sounds good to me!

I work for the government and I support citizens providing me a job forever!

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