Sara Straw and Stan Ivie used 27 inches of Reaper space, Reaper, March 19, p.3A to complain about living in America without one suggestion of how to improve our nation, people or situation.

Stan, thanks for your lecture on IQ. What is the point? “An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a total score derived from a set of standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence.” “Intelligence. The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.” Internet. Pres. Trump’s high IQ suggests that he is very good at acquiring and applying knowledge and skills. Nothing suggests perfection here. I would think having a president with a high IQ is very desirable, or better, indispensable. Criticism is not productive but working for improvement should be the goal of the people.

Sara challenges me to “explain how cutting taxes raises tax revenue.” This should be fundamental knowledge for school children. Consider when a personal tax burden is $1,000 it is largely wasted in the bureaucracy, inefficient programs, numerous free gifts, etc. If the tax burden was reduced to $500 it would leave $500 in the taxpayer’s pocket to buy food, clothing, shelter, etc. The products are produced by other people who become taxpayers. The producers would pay more taxes than the $500 invested by the original taxpayer. That, Sara, is basic math and economic fact.

I am sorry that you are “…tired of living in the stupidverse.” You have identified your own solution. China, Russia, Iran. 

All have forced retraining camps.

L.S. Brown


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