Today’s society has been so devoid of real authentic history of USA and world that they no longer understand what liberty and freedom truly are and who designed it. Neither do they understand who the author of all forms of tyranny, control are. If you seek liberty and freedom of choice then you must learn from history those who taught it and those who oppose it. The Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, sacred books teach that the creator of all things, Jesus Christ is the author and defender of liberty. I stand as a witness of these facts. The US Constitution is inspired by Jesus Christ to protect our God given liberty. ALL forms of control, tyranny, bullying, those who seek to control any or all aspects of your life, liberty, freedoms, earnings, and those who will give up their natural God-given rights for security or money are the cause of all suffering on this Earth since the beginning. The author of all anti-liberty, anti-choice is Lucifer, the Devil, the master of lies. Who believes his WAR upon God and YOU is just, for HE and only he knows what’s best for you. You are not smart enough to choose your own path in life. Some of his tools, governments ideologies like Democracy (mob rule) Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, Islamism, most isms, Globalists, United Nations. Look up “isms” about 1945 cartoon you might learn something. All who seek to obtain power and control over others are the true danger to humanity. We have seen the call for Hong Kong’s fight for liberty against enslavement to China by an NBA member and now a gamer of Blizzard (WOW) etc. Attacked and punished. By corporations who created millions in free markets cower and bow to the anti-liberty nations like Communist China in order to make $$$$$$$$ vs supporting liberty. This is how countless millions have died, suffer and will continue to do so, because the cowards of the world who desire security, profits, power over liberty, justice, truth.

They support Lucifer’s control ideologies over God’s natural rights and plan of life in liberty for YOU to choose a path in this life. Stop supporting all who are anti-liberty, from your local, state, national, worldly groups. Stand for light and truth, fight the powers darkness. Or be enslaved for Lucifer’s agendas. 

Warriors of light awaken and stand.

Stephen Huls


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TC Chris

And to think slavery was ended by Lincoln with the emancipation proclamation!

Imagine that?

I'm actually going to say nothing more than I support strongly your stance of real history,but learn real history and be not afraid, its not always what we have been taught.

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