With all the propaganda in globalist controlled Common Core Media, I can see we have great issues and confusion that has produced chaos on many levels in America and the world. About 100 years ago, a Leninist group created the National Education Association with the goal of over-throwing America’s schools and teaching. President Jimmy Carter placed them in control of your education. Republicans ran on abolishing it, like they did on Obama socialist health care. Of course neither was or has changed. Such are politicians – most lie, steal, extort to stay in power on all levels. They care not for the people, just their personal power and income and retirements. The issues, pro-socialist, anti-god, anti-constitution, anti-liberty, anti-real history and education. Pro-common core designed to destroy generations of kids in America and stop reasoning, rational thinking. A successful social programing system, forced upon your schools, taught not because its correct but because the schools want $$$$$$$$ and thus Federal NEA fake education is succeeding in America. Most authors of the curriculum are led by wicked agendas. Your schools will teach anything as long as they get their government paychecks from D.C. Scary truth. 

This leads to why I share today. I have met folks who don’t think the world is a sphere and we did not go to the moon. I know different. I will add a marvelous presentation I found on Apollo 11 for the 50th anniversary last month. Best I have ever seen on the history. A four-part series by an editor, pilot, podcaster, etc., Bill Whittle. “Apollo 11 What We Saw” can be found on YouTube, type it in and add ‘the daily wire’ and you will see the history of the Gemini and Apollo and beyond and will answer some questions. Since the anti-historians and media teach we did not go, with weak reasoning. Whittle shares in the story information not seen before. When you seek to learn about a topic, go to many sources. I hope many take the time to watch and learn. I also hope many will not only read your U.S. Constitution, but the Communist Manifesto and the pillars of it. 

Then realize we live in a working active socialist communist nation at this time, the New Deal was the catalyst for it. We are loosing our liberty fast due to people’s ignorance of true history.

Stephen Huls


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