Wow, we cannot even put it in words on what happened Saturday, May 30, 2020. 

We want to give a big thank you to everyone and all of our outstanding emergency agencies involved with the fire at our ranch on Saturday – EMS personnel, what an outstanding, great job you did; sheriff’s departments; 911 operators; fire agencies; EMTs; Rocky Mountain Power; Piute County; Marysvale Town; Junction Fire; and the list goes on. If we have forgotten a few it’s not because we did on purpose, it’s that we cannot remember them all; so many turned out. Thank you.

Next, another big thank you to all of the very special people in this community – Marysvale Town, the RV parks, volunteers, friends, family, and animal handlers for the livestock. You are awesome.

Special thank you to all of you folks for the support dinners that were brought in and water for all the volunteers. Thank you.

We want you to know that we truly live in a special place here in Utah.

Piute County and these surrounding communities is truly a very special place here on earth. Thank you all. And to all of our Facebook friends, many thanks for all of your prayers. We lost part of our family heritage yesterday of 125 or more years and part of Marysvale’s history. Everybody here knows what a loving people we are and everyone grew up with some memories of the Anderton Ranch and the big lambing barns, but all the animals are safe, no one was hurt and all is well. All of you people, you’re not just friends, you are our (Keith and Pam’s) family. Thank you all again.

Pam Anderton

Anderton Ranch


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